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Hubtown Gardenia, Mira Road Hatkesh Udhog Nagar, Mira Road (E), Maharashtra, India 401107

We provide services for Tax, Accounting, Corporate Law Matter.

1. File your individual/ HUF/ Company/ Partnership/ Business Income Tax Return (ITR)
2. Registration for Trade Mark 
3. Registration for Indirect Tax i.e. Service Tax, MVAT, CST 
4. New PAN Application 
5. Periodic Returns of Indirect Tax i.e. Service Tax, MVAT, CST etc.
6. Finalization of Accounts, All book keeping entries
7. Payment of Taxes for Advance Tax, Income Tax, Indirect Tax i.e. Service Tax, MVAT, CST etc.
8. Incorporation of New Company, Dissolution, Period Filing, Returns, Various Registrations etc.

We are committed for You !!!
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The Savvy's Financial Consultancy Services 
- A Complete Financial Partner
+91 80 80 71 0008

Mira Road



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