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Soil Treatment.
Metal Treatment.
Water Treatment.
Solar Panel Cleaning.
Cleaning chemical.
Water Treatment.
Water Purification.
Water Proofing.
Oil well drilling.
Fire Sight Chemical.
Suit removal chemicals.
Paint remover.
Dust debris cleaning.
Gum/adhesive remover.
Concrete steeling & Plasticizer.
Water fed banister brush for Solar Panel & glass cleaning.
Water/Chemical fed Telescopic brush for solar panel & glass window cleaning.
Brushes of different types for different uses.
De-Scaling Kit (Upcoming).
Trolley for Solar system cleaning (Upcoming).
Insulator cleaning.
Solar Panel cleaning.
Compressor Descaling.
Cooling System Descaling.
Soil treatment Chemicals for de vegetation.
Electrical Switch Yards, Electrical Grid Sub-Stations, L.D.O. yards, H.S.D. Yards, Petroleum Solvent Storage Yards,
Furnace Oil Yards, Explosive Storage Yards etc.
Keeps your sensitive area free from unnecessary vegetation and avoid accidents, Non-Toxic and Non-Poisonous, It
is Environmental Friendly, kills all small Vegetation’s to Bushes & It doesn’t affect any Earthen Material. Non
Toxic, Non-Poisonous, Bio-Degradable & Environmental Friendly Chemical, eradicates existing vegetation & stop
new growth for 1 year and more.
Solar module/panel/array cleaning chemical (For Cement Industries)
All Types of Solar Installation in Cement Industries.
SPERESIK-GC is a strongest Solar Plates cleaning solution. It Removes foreign deposits brought
on by Industrial flashover. The solution would not bother your skin. No stirring required. Removes
Industrial flashover, dust, dirt & Debris from your “Solar Plates”. Water soluble. Non Toxic Nonhazardous
& environment friendly.
Solar module/panel/array cleaning chemical (For all other Industries & homes)
All types of Solar Installation.
Removes Dust, Dirt, Debris & grime. Heavy duty cleaner & shiner. Water soluble. Protection against Pollutioninduced
flashovers, Improves transparency. Looks better. Non Hazardous, Non poisons.
All types of cement pollution/Debris removing solvent from high voltage Insulators
Substation, Insulators, Isolators, CTs, Lighting Arresters, PTs, Bus- strings &Feeder bays.
Insulator cleaning chemical to provide reduced maintenance protection against Pollution-induced flashovers.
Remarkable effect on Corona & Arc.
Cleaner, Shiner & Neutralizer from Insulator.
Flashover and debris from High voltage Insulators.
Increase life of Insulators, Prevent from short circuit, failure of Insulator, Avoid unnecessary unit shut down, life
threats, unnecessary sounds, Avoid insulator replacement, easy application & Economical.
ALGASININE-B (Series of chemicals for different systems compatibility)
Single organic product to prevent Algae, Fungi & Scale form cooling systems.
Single product for your cooling tower (This is single product which can remove algae and fungi instantly).
Cooling Tower’s Pipelines, Cooling Tower’s Condensers, Cooling Tower’s Exposed Walls And Pillars, Cooling
Tower’s Tank Surface, Cooling Tower’s Wooden planks.
Faster Cooling, Improves Efficiency, Reduce Power Consumption, Maintain, Cleanliness, Decreases Total Bacterial
Counts Of Water.
An organic De-Scalent from cooling condensers, compressors, solar water heating system
and pipelines.
Non Toxic, Non-Poisonous, Bio-Degradable & Environmental Friendly Chemical, removed scale naturally. Non
Scales from Condensers, Pipelines, surface, walls etc.
Improve efficiency, reduce electricity consumption, save money.
Scale Inhibitor For Internal Boiler & Cooling Tower’s Water Treatment.
For Internal treatment of water of all types of Boilers & Condensers. It prevents scale formation & corrosion in
boilers, cooling towers, tubes and also removes old scales.
Scale Inhibitor, works as pH booster, works as Anti-Corrosion Compound, works as Oxygen –Scavenger.
Our single product works as anti Scalent & descalent, It is a herbal product and has no harmful toxins. It reduce
boiler maintenance costs, increased life of Tubes, Fire boxes, Stays, Extend periods between major “shopping /
maintenance shutdown”, decreased fuel consumptions. It prevent the boilers, Heat- exchangers, condensers and
prevent corrosion & maintain the sufficient alkalinity etc.
An additive for common HCL and dilute H2SO4 for faster removal of scales from boiler, heat,
exchanges etc.
Faster removal of scales from boiler, heat, exchanges etc. Saves 45% to 60%on chemical descaling budget of
scales Saves base mental of boiler & pipelines by preventing their reaction with acid during descaling.
Easier in use and safe in handling. Helps in faster removal of scales from boilers, heat exchangers, condensers &
allied pipelines etc.
Heavy duty cooling system cleaner.
It’s a composition of various chemicals which are effective on various types of debris.
HVAC, Cooling coils, Cooling Condensers, Cooling Racks, Cooling Fans, Tubes, Fins, Fan blades, Filters, Evaporator
coils, Radiators etc.
Product is in a liquid form, safe to use and soft. It simplifies the cleaning. It cleans air-cooled heat exchanger
equipment quickly, effectively and safely. Decrease Electricity bills & Increase cooling effects.
Rechargeable Industrial Deodorant/De humidifier & An Odour Eliminator.
Manufactured from a broad spectrum of high potency odour counteractants chosen to quickly neutralize and
destroy simple and complex malodours.
Ware House, Godowns, Various Industries, Old Homes, Damp Moist area, Storage Area, Wash rooms/Toilets.
Self life 5 years, Non-Toxic, Non Poisonous, rechargeable Industrial Deodorant. Works as dehumidifier. Green
chemical. Powder form absorbent of all types of bad odor and moisture. It’s a proven technology for Industries.
Excellent Evaporative Gunk Remover (removes gum & adhesive).
Removes chewing gum, sticky sweets, kids sketches, Poster gums, Oil/Grease/Tar, Other sticky resudious,
Permanent markers, other gummy substances & most adhesive from most hard surfaces (Upholstery, wood, vinyl,
paint, cloth, Sticky wet viscous substance, plastic and surfaces). Only takes from 5-10 seconds to remove from
surface or staining matter. Used by professionals and for industrial use.
Railways (Metro, Mono, Traditional), Advertising Agencies, Municipal Corporations, Movie Theatres/ Cinema
Halls, Hotels, Public Places, BUS Stands, Other govt. agencies, Industries that uses gum, Offices to remove
permanent markers marks, Public Toilets, Home Users, Archaeological department & Airport & Luggage tag,
Printing Press & Who repeatedly uses gums & adhesives.
Fast, Safe Chewing Gum Removal, Leaves no spot behind, No harm of surface, Immediately get dry, Can be used
in electric departments, No harmful ingredient, Removes stains on glass, No damage to the surface the gum is
stuck on, A simple and hassle-free process
High performance heavy duty rust remover.
Non Toxic, Non-Poisonous & Environmental Friendly Chemical, removed rust naturally. Non corrosive.
All iron rusted materials.
Improve efficiency of your machine, clean machine parts, shine.
Universal Multifunction Disinfectant & bacteria/Virus killer.
HSC-10515 is a Hard Surface Disinfectant is for use on hard, non-porous surfaces as a Disinfectant, Sanitizer,
Tuberculocide, Virucide*, Fungicide, Algaecide, Slimicide, and Deodorizer.
Hospitals, First responder facilities, Medical laboratories, Disinfect sergerical, Equipment, Rehabilitation facilities,
Veterinary hospitals, Diagnostic centres, Medical equipment, Clinics Pharmaceutical facilities, Bio waste
Laboratories, Epidemic etc.
Universal flashover/dirt/dust/debris cleaner.
It’s a composition of various chemicals which are effective on various types of debris.
Product is in a liquid form, safe to use and soft. It simplifies the cleaning. It is a degreasing, de oiling, universal
cleaner, metal cleaner, floor cleaner, carbon remover, polishing compound on metals, glass cleaner, ceramic
cleaner, soft scale cleaner, mild rust cleaner, utensils cleaner, air cooling system cleaners, Isolator, air
conditioning coil cleaners, washroom cleaners , surfactant, emulsifier and dirt cleaner. It works very quickly.
Comprehensive range of ETP/STP Chemical.
With new technology super special chemical is developed which can treat almost all types of effluent water.
Various Industries
Industrial effluent water treatment, Boiler water treatment, Cooling water treatment, Sewage water treatment.
Major parameters covered: COD, TDS, BOD, Magnesium, Total microbial load, Manganese, TSS, Smell, Ammonia,
Colour, Iron, Phenols.
Biocide for all types of Raw Water -Purification & Treatment.
New Technology based Revolutionary product which can cover organic as well as inorganic parameters of water.
It can treat almost all types of water i,e process, storage, static storage, ETP, STP, etc. covering biocidal action as
well as reducing organic & inorganic parameters of water. It’s a new solution with an all-round coverage for
Formulated specially to treat Algae, Fungi, slime, microbes, etc. from water. The major parameters precipitated
by this product are: BOD, Ammonia, COD, Magnesium, TSS, Manganese, TDS, Smell, IRON, Colour, Phenols, Total
Microbial Load.
Epidemic, plants which uses raw water, Bleaching wood pulp etc.
Concrete steeling, Plastisizer and water proofing solvent.
FIXACIO hardens floor toppings, mass concrete and cement renderings pits and basements are proofed against
water wearing courses to floor are hardened, density and made dustless and resistant to many forms of chemical
reactions encountered in industrial premises , garages and tanneries.
Cement accelerator, cement fastener (Increases setting properties), Density Increaser, remove dissolved oxygen,
Plasticizer (expands and shrinks in different temperature and protect from cracks, unsurpassed bonding strength).
Chemical resistant floors, hard & dustless floors, preventing wear & tear of concrete foundations caused by
machine vibration, Quick setting & water proofing. QUICK SETING &WATERPROOFING OF BUILDINGS, FLOORS &
Natural Rain Water Harvesting Kit.
Chemical water filters that can resolve all impurities of water and increase ground water level of the area.
Specially manufactured for drought area or the area where rain water is less and ground water level in deep. Easy
to install.
Plant growth Chemical.
Helpful to grow plants quickly. It’s a kind of organic tonic for plants.
Horticulture, Commercial flower farmers, Hotels, other beautification work by plants.
Benefits: Plants grow faster, gives more money by producing more flowers, helps to construction professional to
maintain natural beautification.
Excellent product to remove unwanted paint.
Glaze-R is easy to use and effectively removes multiple coats of all finishes. It works effective performance even
against hard old paints of automobile, machinery and wall surface. Owing to its superior quality and performance,
it is used across several industries such as automobile, construction, recycling and others.
Highly effective
Longer shelf life
Universal multifunctional debris cleaner.
it is a degreasing, de oiling, universal cleaner, metal cleaner, floor cleaner, carbon remover, polishing compound
on metals, glass cleaner, ceramic cleaner, soft scale cleaner, mild rust cleaner, utensils cleaner, air cooling system
cleaners, Isolator, air conditioning coil cleaners, Adhesive remover, permanent mark, washroom cleaners ,
surfactant, emulsifier and dirt cleaner. It works very quickly.
Air based cooling systems, Hotels Crockery Industries, Hospitals Cement Manufacturers, Shopping Malls,
Chemical Manufacturers, Beverage Factories, Metal job cutting Industries, Distilleries, Mining Industries, Fertilizer
Industries, Buildings, Metal Industries, Apartments, Airline Industry, Service Contractors, Tire Industries,
Automobile Service Centres, Automobiles, Air Conditioning repairing service centre.
Increase efficiency level, Controls rancid, Help you to decrease your electricity bills, it works as anti-corrosive.
Works on bad odours, It will improve life of your machineries, Will help you to maintain excellent service
standard, Control Odours.
Oil, Grease & Fat remover. Universal Cleaner.
Oil and Grease Remover effectively removes grease and oil from most surfaces. Its concentrated formula can be
used to spruce up and de-grease your equipment and components.
A Non acidic, Soft universal cleaner, It cleans Oil, Grease & Fat quickly, effectively and safely, Non Acidic,
Oil/Grease/Fat removing chemical, Safe for human & animals, 100% soluble in water and alcohol, Maintaining
optimal performance and reliability, Can decrease electricity bills by 5-35%, Increase life of machinery, Decrease
maintenance cost.
All types of oil & grease.
A Corrosion inhibitor / Passivator & Rust Preventer). Prevent Metals from oxidation process.
When applied on iron, steel or copper metals directly, it inhibits them from atmospheric corrosion. It is an
Industrial Water Treatment chemical used in cooling towers, heat exchangers and boilers. To prevent corrosion
due to dissolved oxygen in the water.
Industries (Mechanical tool industry, water pump manufacturer, DG Sets manufacturers, Oil & Gas production co.,
Dairies and other water & acid based industries), Acid pickling Industries, Cruises/Ships/Boats/ferries & Jetties,
Very effective in presence of high oxygen, ICE factories, Beverages Co, Area where rainfall is high prevention of
metal is important, Atmosphere where carbon dioxide availability is high.
It’s a pacivating agent delays the corrosion, It prevents the metal from being oxidized even in sea humid
condition, Safest chemical for human & animals, Very effective in deluge and ice cold reasons, Effective in acidic
atmosphere, Suitable for tropical atmosphere.
Increases life of metal, Save labor cost (de-rusting) & time, Necked metal material can be shipped without
painting even in any atmospheric condition, Helps metal part storage rust free for even in adverse conditions.
Hassle free work / lifestyle, Works well in brine also, Works excellent to prevent metal installation in running
water condition Replaces red oxide & other primer application before painting & increases life of paint.
Online RO Membrane Cleaning chemical.
Special formulated chemical which can take care of all short of RO membrane. Safest Modern Membrane cleaning
methods. ROMBERCON is a liquid blended product for online cleaning.
Economical to use - Effective at very low dosage levels, resulting in reduced handling and storage costs.· High
dispersing capacity for membrane systems, where deposits, caused by high hardness or suspended solids are
likely to occur.· Inhibits the silica scale up to 250 ppm in the reject and with variations in operating conditions may
enhance the inhibition effect at higher levels.
Rombercon can either be added undiluted or as a solution in water. The product is added by a dosing system
regulated by the quantity of the feed water flow. The product should be added at or before a point of high mixing
intensity in the system.
No need to shut down system.
Increases life of RO membrane/System.
Offline RO Membrane Cleaning chemical.
Reverse Osmosis membranes and other membrane systems need periodic cleaning and servicing. For optimal
performance specific chemicals are required, depending on the cause of the pollution. Scaling is concerned with
the seclusion of suspended inorganic particles, such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and iron compounds.
RO Membrane cleaners
Membrane Fouling Control
Membrane Antiscalant / Descalant
A broad spectrum anti scalant designed to inhibit inorganic scale formation in membrane separation processes
Inhibits calcium carbonate scale. Effectively inhibits formation of calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate, calcium
fluoride, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate and silica. Stabilizes metal ions to prevent metal oxides
precipitation and disperses existing metal oxides/hydroxides, silt and clay particles.
Environmentally compatible, especially where discharge of waste into the environment is a concern
Increases RO efficiency.
All In 1 heavy duty (Cleaner/Sanitizer/Air Freshener)
Skoner is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed to remove dust, dirt, flashover, greasy films, fats and oils.
Heavy duty odour less degreasers. This amazing product has been introduced to combat most dirty & grease
busting applications and heavy cleans ups where serious cleaning power is required.
long lasting Lavender Fragrance
Universal Cleaner works on dirt/dust/oil/grease/fat & debris
Concentrated Formula (Dilute if required)
Clo2 (Chlorine Dioxide)
Multifunctional Unique disinfectant effective even at very low concentrations.
Chlorine Di Oxide is a miracle chemical which is used in many Industries.
• Water Industries
Drinking water disinfection, Industrial water treatment, Sewage water treatment, Storage water disinfection, Sanitization.
• Dairy Industries
CIP, Sanitization, Product Deeping( Paneer & Cheese) to reduce microbial load, To improve self life & retain freshness of milk
& milk products.
• Fruit & Vegetable Industries
To reduce microorganism load, Sanitization.
• Sea Food Industries
Deodorization, Sanitization, To improve self life & retain freshness, Effective against Clostridium spp.
• Food Processing (Meat Industries/Slaughter house/Milk)
Odour control, Sanitization, Quality improves & retains freshness.
• Poultry Industries
Odour control, Chicken's drinking water disinfection, Sanitization, Decreases mortality ratio & increases weight of chicken.
• Hotel Industries
Drinking water disinfection, Bathing water disinfection, Storage water disinfection, Swimming pool water, treatment
Odour control, Sanitization, Fruits & Vegetables disinfection, Legionella control, Floor cleaning.
• Oil & Gas Industries
To clean tank & bore well, Sanitization, Floor Cleaning.
• Cooling Towers
Row water treatment, To remove bio film, To remove algae, To remove scale, Improves efficiency of plant, Improves heat
transfer capacity.
• Hospitals
Operation theatre sterilization, Operation instruments sterilization, Bio-medical waste treatment, Floor cleaning
Drinking water disinfection, Sanitization, Laboratories, Bio-medical waste treatment, Room sterilization, Sanitization.
• Swimming pools and spa
Pool water treatment, Algae, bio film & scale removal.
• Paper Industries
Pulp Bleaching.
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